Monday, February 4, 2013

Clint Difatta-Black Panthers

The Black Panther Party was an African American revolutionary organization, active in the United states from 1966 - 1982. The Party was founded in Oakland, California by Huey Newton, and Bobby Seale. The organization stemmed from another black power group called the Revolutionary Action Movement. Seale and Newton focused on fighting police brutality. Actions like asking the city council to create a police review board were taken, but it is the Black Panthers more aggressive attitudes that have gained them popularity. Fitted in uniforms sporting leather jackets, and load weapons, the Black Panthers took a stand for the safety of the black community from police brutality. The organization peeked in membership around 1970, but declined in the following decade.

An interesting value about the Black Panthers was their form of rebellion. In a time where peaceful demonstrations were popular, the Panthers did business their own way. When peace was not an option, the panthers took the necessary actions to protect themselves and their community. It took much strength and courage  to stand against white oppressors, but it had to be done. Another interesting of the Black Panther history was the ten point program. Although it was an organization that prided itself on bronze instead of brains, there was structure to this group. A set of laws governed this organization. The points illustrate everything from manners, to daily party work. I believe this subject has an incredible amount of value. When demonstration is simply not enough it is time for action. We can now see that in the long run peaceful protest is is more a more desired route of action. Although forceful demonstration has seemed to run its course we can still learn from how this group fought, and why they feel they must have fought that way.

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