Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Revised Exploration

  In my secondary research I decided to look into why humans share stories in the first place. I believe that this will give me a better idea into the goal of a storyteller, and what they are trying to prove or evoke. I was able o find an article written by Jonah Berger, in a journal from the Association for Psychological Science. Berger states that “the sharing of stories or information may be driven in part by arousal. When people are physiologically aroused, whether due to emotional stimuli or otherwise, the autonomic nervous is activated, which then boosts social transmission. Simply put, evoking certain emotions can help increase the chance a message is shared” (Berger 1). Related to the novel The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien, we can see that he shares stories because hey are important to him. These stories are a way to vent his emotions and feelings. Berger also goes on to state that “feeling fearful, angry, or amused drives people to share news and information” (Berger 1). These feeling are probably very relevant in O’Brien’s memories of Vietnam. Possibly another reason he shares his stories, and sometimes very detailed.

As this semester progressed we continued to see the human story unfold in many different lights. The most interesting thing I saw was how all of the stories are related, and how they all stem off of one idea. Identity. Identity is the key to every human story. How could we understand people like Tim O'Brien if we did not first understand who he was. For example Warren Buffet's identity is a hard working philanthropist, while Captain Americas is a symbol of the American culture. Every feeling and sensory detail is used to create this. Just as O'Brien used style and form to create his world, artist used color and symbolism to create the world of Captain America. This all again helps sustain that that message will be passed on to the reader.

Revised Exploration 12

Cassandra Zahran
Explortation 12
Our Moral Footprint

Our moral responsibility while living on this earth is to take proper precautions’ before it is too late. “The effects of a possible climate change are hard to estimate (Havel).” I agree with Havel. Slight changes are inevitable, with the masses of people living on this planet. There are only so many restrictions that can be placed without violating civil freedom and rights.  As intelligent as our scientists and geologists are, and as technology continues to advance, science is on our side. By keeping up with the status of our climate change, we can help balance the negative effects we have on the environment.

Something that I am going to in-state in my life, starting next month is biking. Not only am I going to be participating in something that is healthy and cost-efficient, I’m going to be joining a community that is passionate about staying green and working to eliminate unnecessary CO2 emissions. Bringing this idea to younger students as well as older adults, this could be a huge change in ones life. Think about how much gas you spend every few weeks. That would magically start to add up and appear in your bank account Multiple that by 2 years….  You’ve saved at least two thousand dollars.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

To my Friend

Until we meet again  


If I could see you again one moment

I would like to talk to you about them days we had together.

The great and wonderful times we had together

I will carry them and remember them for the rest of my life.


I remember it like it was yesterday, when I received a message from

A friend that says your friend just got shot and killed. I guess I never  knew how

It felt to lose a friend like you until the day it happened.


I remember them days when we used to play basketball in the

Front yard all day. People always said all we do is just play basketball but nothing else.

They always talked about how we got the size and height to make to the NBA.

I guess I never became a man until I saw your face in the coffin.

It seemed like somebody just took all I had. You were everything to me and hopefully one day we will meet in heaven. I guess you were right when you used to say “be careful what you do because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow” and I cannot wait until we meet again.

revised exploration 1


           In memory of my Grandma Carolyn

Grandma, although I can’t see you,

I know that you’re still here;

Watching down and smiling over me;

Just like you said you’d do.


You were a truly special woman;

A woman of extreme strength, and love;

Remembered for your laughter;

Your cooking and your special hugs.


Your suffering became so unbearable to see;

Even though you were as stubborn as a mule;

Your disease took everything that you had;
and watching you in pain, was so incredibly cruel.


You left this world with dignity and grace;
forever in my heart;

With heaven, your final resting place;

And lasting memories as you depart.


I miss you grandma, your suffering is done;
Gone but not forgotten;

Until I see you again grandma, go play, go walk;

And most importantly have fun!





mahmood exploration 11

Revised Exploration eleven

War is not an option for any one and no one has the right of killing another. Leaders always make a good excuse to convince their nations and people for their own political interests. On the Afghanistan war, my position is clear just like any other wars I am always against war. One reason that I do not support war is that war doesn’t solve problems it creates the problem. I believe in a democracy where every government should rule their nation in a way that all can participate and each and every one is granted their rights.

The more we learn to solve our problems by peace is the more this world would become a better place where all can share the fruits of brotherhood and if we try the opposite it would be the more we lose our commonsense. I think if get rid off one enemy you just created more enemies and this doesn’t have an end. Another reason is that wars are not won by body counts. In my own experience I have seen a lot from the Somali civil war which lasted over two decades and I have lost a lot of family and friends during that time. I speak against war because I have seen it and I know what war does to people

Revised Exploration 8

September 11, 2001 will live in Americans' memory for the rest of our lives because, it was one of the most horrific days in our history.  It is iconic because many innocent people lost their lives and made the U.S. focus more closely on the middle east.  No one thought that an attack of this magnitude could have ever taken place on U.S. soil involving U.S. citizens.  Looking back through first person accounts of what happened lots people couldn't believe what they were hearing, that a small plane flew into the world trade center.  The influence of this day are widspread; it made us think differently about people just beacuse they come from a different region, it changed the way people thought about war and even the way people thought out government.  

Coach O poem revisied

Mitchell Marotti

English1110.03 Tuesdays and Thursdays

Mr. Lohre

15 January  2013


Coach O


Coach O is one of the best

The Wolves’ football team put him to the test

The overtime win at Oak Hall

Is one that I will never forget


A man so dedicated and competitive on the field

Sometimes it is hard for him to yield

He coaches because he loves the game

Without him it would not have been the same


Always pushing us to do our best

The Wolves just had to do the rest

Training and practicing everyday

Coach O always had to have his way


And had us play every play

Like it was your last if you can

Because nobody walks except

Coach O and the postman


Although playing for coach O had to end

I would do it all over again

The best part was when we won

Because this made it very fun

One thing I remember about coach o

He carried about the kids

And the people in the school

And he especially cared for his players

And now he took a new job at a new school