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Links for Exploration 11

Links on acid attacks and innocent civilians

Links on the lingering effects of war on one veteran

James Blake Miller and his wife

Dialectic Thinking Exercise to prepare for Exploration 11 
Dialectics is a way of considering reasonable and different arguments and points of view.  The idea is to try to find out how and why people come to different rationale conclusions on difficult subjects.
To do this, you have to be able to consider and to analyze opinions and ideas both similar and much different to your own.  Let’s try this.
1st Goal: Brainstorm support and evidence for both of these positions.  Work to create three specific reasons to support each position.
Good reasons that people support the war in Afghanistan and wish it to continue.
Good reasons that people do not support the war in Afghanistan and wish it to cease.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Exploration 10

In the article, A Push for HPV Vaccinations, as a teenage girl, I was surprised to learn that the majority of girls have not been vaccinated for the human papillomavirus which protects women against the strains of that virus which can cause cervical cancer.  Research shows various reasons against getting the vaccine.  The vaccine is 3 doses which requires more trips to the doctor, it comes with a notion that because HPV is a sexually transmitted infection, some parents fear that their daughters might think that they are condoning sex if they get them vaccinated, and then there is just the fear of vaccines itself.  One doctor said that she found that the most educated parents were the ones who chose not to get their daughters vaccinated because of just their fear of vaccines or because they were not ready to bring up the “topic of sex”.  Dr. Perkins described a typical encounter with a Hispanic mother. “She said, ‘In my country, if a baby doesn’t get vaccines, the baby dies. Why would I not do this? ” I agree, why wouldn’t you want to protect your children from things that could possibly hurt them.  Cervical cancer is a killer in women, so it makes no sense to me that so many women choose not to get vaccinated against the virus that causes it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exploration 10

As Pollution Worsens in China, Solutions Succumb to Infighting

This article really struck me about the severity of the Chinese pollution problems. First off the fact that 13,000 dead diseased pigs were just carelessly dumped into a river that supplies drinking water to shanghai. this is just ridiculous to just dump them into the city's water supply. there is also the massive volcanic cloud of smog that's poisoning the populace. the article explains that Chinese official are now acknowledging the severity of the situation rather than ignoring it like they did before. I found it amusing when the new prime minister of china proclaimed, " show even greater resolve and make more vigorous efforts". it seems that this is example of procrastination of epic scale and only now are the Chinese ready to take action.

Exploration 10

Articles’ Title: Sectarian Clashes Are Reported in Central Myanmar
What struck me the most is that people in Myanmar are fighting according to religion; Muslims vs. Buddhist. The most surpassingly is that religious people such monks and sheiks are dying at average rate of one per day and the children are the battle too. Myanmar is 90 percent Buddhist and the other 10 percent is Muslims, Christians and animist. This is what makes this crazy is people are burning each other. This struck me because with images it’s too difficult to look at it. In summary people are burning huts, villager’s homes, lashing each other and certainly burning someone else in different religion alive. Even the police can’t do anything about because the massacre is way too big for the police to handle it. “Even the police told me that they could not handle what they witnessed. Children were among the victims,” he said. As result the Muslims are over polluted and they are getting dominated.   

exploration 10

North Korea Threatens U.S. Military Bases in the PacificThe

nuclear program of North Korea is a ibg concern to the world . North Korea say its only for peace parposes j ust like western countries. Under the UN its illegal for a country to get a nuclear after after this law was signed in 1963 by the US, UK, and the Soviet Union known as  Partial Test Ban Treaty (PTBT). The fear is that this is a dangerous weapon and if it gets in the wrong hands it would lead to an end to the world but in commonsense no one would agree to fight with rocks while his enemy is shooting at him.

North Korea tested their nuclear on Feb.  12-2013 which made the US allied with South Korea angry, and the Unites Nations condemned it.  In consequence  US military are prepared and north Korea thteatens to attack the US air bases in Japan.  “The U.S. should not forget that the Anderson Air Force Base on Guam, where B-52s take off, and naval bases in Japan proper and Okinawa, where nuclear-powered submarines are launched, are within the striking range of the DPRK’s precision strike means,” a spokesman of the Supreme Command of the North Korean People’s Army told the state-run Korean Central News Agency on Thursday.  

Exploration 10

Article Title: Meeting Abbas, Obama Says a 2-State Deal Is ‘Still Possible’.

“Obama: You promised hope and change, you gave us colonies and apartheid” said angry one Palestinians protester.  Obama met with the president of Palestine, president Abbas and Israelis authority, president and officials. Obama in his key arguments and concepts where that Israelis should not use violence to avoid peace and Israel should not retaliate from couple rockets fired upon Israel that caused no harm with rockets that is enhanced with 21st century modern war fare. He also insisted that both sides need to cooperate to reach peace, adding that both sides should halt the rockets condemned on towns where people live. Endowing speaking I think Obama is said that because he had enough with Israel and he can’t take these disturbing image of Israel which is killing children and senior citizens of Palestine and destroying towns with rockets that contains illegal chemicals according rules of war in the world.

Exploration 10: Brandon Brown

One article that I found was very interesting to me was called, "So You're Extinct? Scientists Have Gleam in Eye" ( One reason this article stuck out to me was because I am very interested in animals. My major is Zoology right now, and one career that is interesting to me is going out in the field and studying species. Heck, throughout my life I have asked for pet toucans, flying squirrels, prairie dogs and penguins, although I never got any of those. This article really got to me because I think it would be fascinating to bring back animals that have been extinct for long periods of time. The article mentions bringing back animals such as arctic elephants, like a woolly mammoth, which in return, would create permafrost that could hold up to three times as much carbon as all the rain forests combined. While there are some arguments about the ethics and regulations of this procedure, personally I think recreating extinct species would be great, and very interesting.

The woolly mammoth is one animal that scientists are hoping to bring back to life.
Other interesting articles that I found were, North Korea Threatens U.S. Military Bases in the Pacific, which wrote about the escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea, including a one hour air-raid drill that occurred this morning. Another article was New Reasons to Change Light Bulbs, which talk about how LED lights last 25 times longer than standard CFL lights, even though they are more expensive, and how LED are more efficient as they utilize between 600%-1200% more electricity, which is usually just wasted as heat in standard lights. The article goes on to talk about more advantages to purchasing an LED light bulb over any others.

LED bulbs- Derek Purdie

LED Light Bulbs

An article I found interesting on talked about the advancements of today's light bulbs and how much more beneficial LED light bulbs are compared to the standard $3 bulbs that the world is telling us to buy. In the article, is stresses how LED bulbs will save the average person up to $200 from running costs because they use 60% of electricity compatred to a mere 5-10% like regular bulbs. I like how the article took the side of the buyer and stated how these bulbs can be expensive but David Pogue-author, said that they have came down in price by over 50%. LED bulbs can now be bought for $10-15 and it's very much worth it.

Pogue ends the article with saying "LED bulbs last decades, save electricity, don’t shatter, don’t burn you, save hundreds of dollars, and now offer plummeting prices and blossoming features. What’s not to like? You’d have to be a pretty dim bulb not to realize that LED light is the future." I love the ending of this because not only does it show you the multiple benefits of LED bulbs, but also patronizes the audience and makes them feel like they're missing out if they're not buying these bulbs.

A link to the article I read is


On Wednesday South Korea experience a cyber attack that affected three national banks and two major broadcasting stations.  The attack left many South Korean people unable to withdraw money from A.T.M.’s, viruses infected the banks computers and files where deleted. It also caused news broadcasting crews computer screens not to work all day.  The cyber attacks are believed to be from North Korea but the disruption was traced back to an address in China, so it is still unknown who was responsible. Investigators are saying it will take months to determine the true culprits of this attack. South Korea is very cautious to declare blame because North Korea is very unstable and have lately threatened nuclear attacks. 


Exploration 10

An article that I found to be interesting and important in both the science and world sections is talking about an anti- missile system the Israel has named "Iron Dome".  This system detects incoming rockets and shoots a missile carrying six inch wide by ten feet long projectiles to detonate the rockets in the sky, causing lees destruction and death.  However, American weapon experts feel that the "Iron Dome's feats of warhead destruction were more illusory than real." As seen in action during an attack by Gaza militants in which around 1,500 rockets were fired.  The Iron Dome system missed 58 rockets but destroyed 421.  U.S. officials doubt that this system will help out Israel Significantly. This was important to me because i think that Israel needs a stable defense system to fight off its enemies. 

Exploration 10 Curiosity and the news of the world

 The Reading that struck me the most is named Cell Therapy for acute type of Leukemia. What struck me the most is the process that they are trying to alter a person own immune cells. This person  they tried this own was sick for eight days and once he tried this he was cured.  This was the first time sciences every tried such a thing.   "The treatment uses patients’ own T-cells, a type of white blood cell that normally fights viruses and cancer. The patient’s blood is run through a machine that extracts T-cells and returns the rest of the blood to the body. Researchers then do some genetic engineering: they use a disabled virus as a “vector" said," Docter Sadelain.  This is really amazing that this little thing like this can work and help this person that tried this thing.

  This is the picture I found for my research on the New York Times.

 This is my link for the article.

 These are articles That I have read



The most important thing I discovered through my research was the recent fear of chemical weapons usage in Syria and Israel. In President Obama's first trip to Israel he stated that chemicals would be a "game changer", and that Syria would pay consequences if a investigation finds that they had used chemical weapons. The best article I read was over solar flares and solar storms called " Sun Storm Forecast: Tiny Chance of Havoc". The article states that this year the sun will peak in it's solar flare cycle, meaning that the sun Will have its most often occurrences of spewing out large amounts of solar energy. The consequences for humanity can be extreme. If directly struck by a larger storm some areas of the world would be without power for months. Although rare, these storms have happened before, in fact one was so bad in the 1800's that it knocked out all telegraphs, evening igniting some on fire. The main fear is that this storm would be totally random, and we would on have about eight minutes to prepare, “In a sense, we’re playing Russian roulette with the Sun,” said John Kappenman, electrical engineer and owner of Storm Analysis Consultants.

Exploration 10: Syria's Conflict

March 15, 2013 marks the 2nd year anniversary since Syria began it's regime under Bashar al-Assad. General Idriss made a public international statement, revisiting the start of Syria's uprising. The General had mentioned the initial plans of peace and reformation the country had anticipated. Although, the complete opposite occurred and tore the country into two, a violent war that has progressively gotten worse each day.

“As you all know the Syrian revolution started peacefully. The only thing the Syrian people asked for was freedom, justice and reform. The regime of Bashar al-Assad responded with violence, torture, killings, massacres and bombing of our cities," the General shares in his speech.

This country is by no means safe, and all our society can do is watch this country crumble. It's heartbreaking to me because I'm affected by this regime on a personal level. Four members of my family (my aunt and cousins) left their suburbs outside of Damascus and visited the states. They're only here for a short 3 months and then have to return to their jobs and home.  It's horrific to think these riots and violence is happening just miles from my family.

If you haven't had the opportunity yet, I think you should take some time to research the happenings in Syria, as well as the rest of the middle east. You may discover truths that you had no idea existed and be completely disillusioned to these world-wide events. I think The New York Times is a great place to start; there are a plethora of articles that can educate you on the different aspects of this war. This article, Remembering the Start of Syria's Uprising,  is a great place to start. It gives a brief history and wraps up into the present. Take a look!

Exp. 10 "Gathering of Leviathans"

After digging for a while, I found an interesting article about a new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. I details that they have a skull of an animal, called Andrewsarchus after the person who discovered it in the 1920s, I is basically a whale that had legs and lived on land. In addition, the skull has company. The rest of the exhibit has dozens of other skulls and skeletons of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. This was all wonderful to me because, like many others, I find whales fascinating creatures. I mean they humongous, "the biggest that have ever been, putting even the dinosaurs to shame." For example, a blue whales heart is the size of a small car. They are that big and they need our help. So I hope this article will inspire people to help in the effort to save whales from extinction.
Here are other articles I found interesting.

Exploration 10- Emily Peirano

Cree LED bulb
incandescent bulb

I have chosen to talk about an article from the New York Times under the technology section. The atricle I have chosen was written by David Pogue, titled New Reasons to Change Light Bulbs. What struck me to be most important in this article was the cost effeciency and benificial buying LED light bulbs can be in the long run. My curiousity for this article came from questioning why my dad just one day decided to change every light in our house to LED bulbs. From this article I gained new knowledge around the new hot topic of LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are now reasonably priced and very obtaniable, making them a new hot item. The cost of the bulbs use to be very expensive the reason for this was because the electronics and heat-managment features that the LED bulb provides. According to Pogue, "Install one today, and you may not own your house, or even live, long enough to see it burn out." Pougue tested six manufacture's LED bulbs. Of the LED bulbs tested, he found that the Cree LED bulbs were his preferred choice. These LED bulbs start at ten dollars a piece or a six-pack for fifty-seven dollars. The light that these Cree LED bulbs produce are comparable to a forty watt-incandescent bulb. These bulbs have similar features to the incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are very efficient. A sixty watt day light bulb only uses nine watts of electricity. The heat sink on the Cree LED bulb is smaller than others and runs cooler. Many prefer the appearance of this brand.

list of articles I read:

Derek Purdie-Exploaration 9-FRESH

While watching this film I gained a lot of information, not only about the subject of healthy eating and how easy it actually is, but how the food we eat every day is treated. I found it interesting that the film talked about how America's people just WANT WANT WANT without thinking about it. This is a huge issue that needs to be tackled before our troubles get out of control. People need to have much more knowledge about nutrition because once it's learned there's no forgetting it or going back to junk food, therefore leading to a much healthier nation.

Another important theme or issue that is talked about is the spraying of chemicals on today's foods. Few people know about what goes on behind the scenes and what is actually going into (or more acurately, being sprayed on) the foods they're eating. A lot of these chemicals are harmful but are hard to notice, we need to be more aware of these chemicals BEFORE we buy the foods.

When the video was explaining "mad cow disease", that's when it hit me that this country needs to change the way food is produced. To think that these cows are being permanently damaged because of steroids and antibiotics, gives me motivation to teach people about healthy farms and how there ARE actually farms that will keep the animals pure and natural, therefore keeping the diseases and illnesses away from their farms and ultimately in YOUR food.

One question I have about this film is about the smaller farms such as Good Natured Family Farms. Why do these companies refrain from investing in vast pieces of land and try to take over the food industry? Once people hear about these types of farms and start to realize the many health benefits, they will never stop going to these types of farms, and ultimately that's what we want America to do.

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Extra credit and free meal!

Attend the Farm to Fork Food Dialogues at Ohio State on
Thursday, March 28
6-8 p.m.
Archie Griffin East Ballroom
Ohio Union
You may earn up to 4% raise on your total final grade percentage by attending this event, taking notes, and participating.  You must then write a 500 to 750 word (2-3 typed pages, double-spaced) review of the event and summary of the main points covered, what you learned, and how you might apply it in your life.  You must use at least two direct quotes taken from your notes in this review.  You must turn in both the review and the notes by Monday, April 22 to Mike Lohre at The OSU Delaware Center or scan them and send to
Have fun, enjoy the free meal, ask questions, and learn!
IMPORTANT: You must sign up by March 21st to participate in this event.
Farm to Fork Food Dialogues
"Farm to Fork Food Dialogues" is a new event hosted by Collegiate Young Farmers, a student organization at Ohio State. It is open to students of all majors and backgrounds and has the goal of bringing students together to learn from each other about agriculture, food production, and food safety. We hope that you will join us for dinner on Thursday, March 28th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in the Archie Griffin East Ballroom in the Ohio Union (doors open at 5:30 pm). There is no cost to attend this event, but you must be pre-registered in order to attend. Registration is open until Thursday, March 21st.

Go here to sign up to attend:

sponsored by Ohio State’s CYF

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Exploration 9

I think that one of the main points in the the movie Fresh is that the food that we eat is the opposite of fresh.  Today both meat and plants are covered with chemicals.  Cattle is being fed large amounts of anti-biotics which is making them larger but not healthier.  Naturally a cow should be eating grass instead of corn.  The corn and vegetables that people are eating are sprayed with herbicides because it is more "economical".  Another important theme is the more you process food the less healthy it becomes.  Meat in a Walmart is processed several times compared to meat at a farmers market which was grown with grass fed cows and will likely be not processed at all.  i doubt that America will ever move away from corn fed cattle because it is cheap for the government and major corporations can make millions while the families on the farms that they own starve.  There are few farms that choose to go against the grain and use all natural products.  It is hard to do especially with all the pressure from big corporations talking all of the business.  But this shows how doing the right thing isn't always the easiest.

exploration nine

Exploration 9

The food system in America has totally changed. Farmers are producing only in a way that they can make a lot of money and it doesn’t bring much of attention to them what they are selling to the society. People who are unaware of hidden diseases are looking for the cheapest product without asking the question who makes this food or where it came from. Factories and farmers who use the system of growing chickens and food faster by chemicals do know that they are selling this to real humans but would be necessary for the government to step in since this is about the safety of its citizens? Feeding dead cows to cows is an example of how this system is more about making money and I think next will be feeding dead people to cows. The environment is also a big concern.  “we just got so obsessed with productivity and more cheap stuff and we are facing the negative consequences.” John

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exploration 9

The most important themes in movie was that framers are giving chemicals that they dont know what is contains  to there animals. These chemicals contains harmful things that no one knows expect thoses guys who are doing the interview. For example when the two farmers at Iowa was asked what these chemicals contains they said we don't have any idea but we still use it to make our products reproduce faster. Also one thing that was a shocker was when the herd of pigs hit the its framer with its horn and almost caused that guy to die. Just looking at what pig did to the framer you can see these chemicals are doing any good besides give the framers alot of produce that are not useful. I think that was very convincing that use substains are not health nor useful. The Question that I have and I think that will not be answered. Why don't goverment officals forbid the use of these harmful products? I think this matter company regaltions but health department needs to forbid these substance.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

exploration 9

I think the theme of this movie is how humans treat animals and how we eat a food that we don't even know what is in it or how hard the agricultural people work on it.the evidence is the most convincing when you see how the farmers use different things to make a useful food.  some people are convince as long as they get something to eat but don't even ask themselves if its going to affect their lives or if it has any bad healthy outcomes. my favorite quote is "if the farmers take care of the grass, the grass will take care of animals" by Joel Salatin. that's why we have to careful about what the animals eat.

Exploration 9

The first thing that came to my mind when i watch Fresh was disturbance.The way they treated those animals honestly made it hard for me to eat my chicken dinner that night. It makes me think that how use as the human race are messed up, how can we be so cruel to those animals. I mean we are already going to kill them just so we can have our chicken dinner so why not give them respect them while they are on this earth. We are showing the the earth is a terrifying place when its really a beautiful place. One guy that stood out to me was the sustainable farmer. I have a lot of respect for him because he respects the animals he stated "respect the design of nature" and he is absolutely right and every farmer should treat there animals like that. Even there crops, it is actually a proven fact that is you talk or play Mozart for example to your plants they will grow a lot better. I also disagreed with that fact that they where giving the animals stuff to help them grow, when in the end whatever they give to the animals ends up in our body's because we eat them. Fresh was an eye opener and i think every american should watch it so they can realize what we are really doing to this world and mother nature, and if we don't put an end to this now i believe something will happen and we wont get our food anymore. Mother nature is not someone to mess with and i believe that this needs to come to an end, i'm not saying to stop killing the animals because i love meat but stop being so cruel and feeding them antibiotics. Which brings me to my question i have they say "the only way you can grow vast amounts of the exact same species in close comportment is by antibiotics". What antibiotics exactly are they feeding them? What are they putting into those animals that eventually get put into us? How are we so sure that its safe for not only us but the animals as well. I think they should just let the cow or the pig grow up naturally and so what if they end up being to fat, i would rather that then them getting something injected into them that we eventually eat. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Exploration 9 - Jake Gabbert

I've seen other movies sort of like FRESH that just bash on the food the industry, instead of giving solutions. In FRESH they give these solutions and other alternatives as to where we can get our food from, and better food at that. Michael stated that "we're voting with our dollar", in the sense that every time we buy something at the grocery store, we tend to buy the cheapest product that will fulfill our needs. If we could bring in more local brands and become a little more willing to pay that extra dollar then we can start a movement in which we can change the food industry. This all comes back to how vote with our dollar. I think the big chain stores should start introducing more local products, I understand in some places that isn't possible all year round. Those extra dollars that we spend would generate more activity in our local economy. Our food wouldn't have to travel as far for it get to our plates and therefore being healthier and better overall. With the food not having to travel as far it wouldn't burn as many fossil fuels to be shipped to you. As shown in the movie, by raising these animals the way they were intended to all along, there will not be as much animal sewage expunged into the environment. These things could help eliminate many of our environmental concerns, we just need to vote.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Explortion 9

Fresh in my opinion was a very good movie because unlike other movies trying to do the same thing, Fresh provides solutions and ends more on a positive note.  Fresh does point out the bad issues in our society's diet like obesity and the industrial animal farms but it also contrasts that negativity and provides the viewer with a felling of hope.  The movie shows people who do eat healthy and people who are helping others change their diets like Will Allen.  I believe the theme of the movie is that it is possible to change your diet and live healthy.  The evidence was most convincing for me was not when the speakers where giving facts but the visual evidence that the things they were talking about were true, like when they talked about the horrible conditions that the animals live in I could not relate or visualize that  so the picture really where the shock factor.  The only question I have for the movie is when will this movement really catch on and start to change the country? But only time will tell.
The movie provides so much great information like Michael Pollan saying, "local organic food does cost more but it is worth more."  I never thought of healthy food in that way, valuing the nutrients in part of the cost.  This will help me in the future to not just instantly buy the cheaper food but to invest in my health and buy the healthier choice because it will be worth it in the future.

Exploration 9

FRESH outlines the vicious cycle of our current food production methods.  It gives you a whole new outlook on how important getting back to eating “real” fresh food is, not the chemically altered stuff that is sometimes disguised to look like food. Fresh shows how both animals and vegetables are being raised, and the implications for our health and that of the environment.  We can raise everything we need without any of the industrial food system.  We all need to be reminded the price of our food reflects the quality of it.

It shows intelligent educated farmers who have a legitimate plan for changing our food system. They provide good arguments for change and present facts to support what they are saying. Will Allen says, “It’s really all about how we are going to change the existing food system to make it something that really works for everybody.  It truly is a movement”.  They show how each of us can make small changes that can help bring about the changes that will lead to better farming, healthy eating and respect for animals.  I love how it gave us ideas that we can all put into place, like starting your own small backyard garden, or buying from local farmers.  There are still efficient ways to produce healthy fresh organic food in a time where most food is being mass produced by corporations in less than hygienic ways.

Exploration 9 Fresh Mitchell Marotti

Fresh the movie tought me a lot about the foods we eat. We aonly look at the store and we want to buy the chapest food. We don't look at the big picture and that is the foods we eat is very bad for us.  "Cheap is an invasion.  You get what you pay for"(Micheal Pollen) This is a quote many americans should take into deeper context.  To see what foods we put into our body.  "Every thing I learned was from my parents"(Will Allen).  This is why we shouild listen and pay attention everyhting our parents our telling us.  The most important themes are to make our own choice about food or take ideas form the food oranizations.  I had one questions throught the movie what can't everyone be just like Will Allen and to do his same principles.  We can apply our ideas threw the movie by choosing what foods are good to eat and what are not.

exploration 9 -FRESH- Emily Peirano

Fresh was a complet eyeopener. I was honestly surprised and disturbed by the conditions in which the animals lived and were manufactured. Fresh was laid out in a problem and solution format. The problem was industrialization being applied to farms. Americans always "want, want, want" but do not stop and think about the where the food grows, the chemicals, conditions of the animals, or what it took to get the things they want. Industrial farms create monocultures. Nature was not intended for such conditions. These factory farms are called "animal cities". There can be any where around 2400 animals of one species living on one farm. For example hogs produce the same amount of waste as humans. Massive amounts of hogs in one farm cause sanitation problems, toxic wastes, pollution, and disease. Joel Salatin, an organic farmer, believed the mentality of industrial farms was, "Faster, Bigger, Cheaper." Joel Salatin had his own solution to these industrial farms. He is the owner of Polyface Farm in Virginia. He believed in respecting mother nature. Joel's family was committed to healing the land. He did not believe in feeding dead cows to cows. Big industrial farms do this because it is considered to be cheap feed. When this happens it brings about disease such as mad cow. These companies are all about production. The goal is to push more and more animals through the farm in one year. The animals are given antibiotics to help the animals grow bigger and faster. Well, these antibiotics kill off the weak strands of diseases and create and antibiotic resistant strand. How can we just sit back and allow this to happen? How can we feed our children meats full of antibiotics? Why is there not a stop to this issue? A solution to this problem is the organic farms. Michael Pollan believes, "organic food costs more but it is worth more... Cheap food is an illusion."I feel that the food regulations need to be changed. We should support our local farms and farmer markets.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exploration 9 Anthony Fernandez

I understand what the movie Fresh is saying completely. The world we live in is full of many smoke and mirrors that attempt to make just about anything tasty looking. As a Pakistan man mention towards the beginning said, "The only thing Americans fear is what is inconvenience."What the farmers in the movie were doing was phenomenal. They were trying to show how it is possible to farm for food without all that mechanized mayhem. I have to say though, if you are trying to feed the world, a handful of farms that do things the right way are not going to get you anywhere. They are a nice idea, but I think it needs a little more work before it can be used to feed the masses. But, all in all, it could be just what we need to make our overly populated world healthier.

In Response to FRESH

The movie Fresh really gave me a new perspective on the kind of food and the agricultural economy that sustains the American populace. The film showed the damage and the lives of animals and farmers and their local economies because of the increase demand for food and the increased industrialization of the whole farming economy. I firmly believe this film is trying to help people understand what is really going on with industrialized farming and how together we can help the local organic farmers to make some sort of stand against the industry. The evidence is most convincing when they explain the horrendous industry practice of animal cannibalism because its cheaper. I absolutely understand when the movie said "There's no such thing as cheap food". The processed food we get at wal-mart and such stores don't even got any of the original nutrients and although it can be consumed isn't passable as nutritious. I do question why the corporations don't back up the local farmers if they know what harmful effects they are doing. I believe today we can make a difference. The genetics of the world's crops have been changed by man so much all that needs to be done is for some new debilitating diease to wipe out the crops we have.

Clint Difatta- Fresh

The film Fresh takes a look at our current farming system, and analyzes it for the common consumer. Many experts and statistics are present to display information, but I believe the most important information is that all systems run off cycles. One of these experts is farmer Joel Salatin from Virginia. Salatin is a farmer who has not converted to industrial farming, instead staying natural. As he explains the multiple advantages, he compares his own farm to his neighbors. Many aspects of farming can be re-used and help the growth of other parts of the farm. Salatin states “If we take care of the grass, the grass will take care of the animal”. I believe this idea is very condensed. I believe an overlying idea is that if we take care of nature, nature will take care of us. Nature has givin us this blueprint of a farming system that works, and hold longevity, why not use it. It is like any other cycle present in this world an example being the water cycle.

                A question that arouse for me was how will they gain popularity on a larger scale? I myself have questioned milk that wasn’t in a normal grocery store jug, but instead a different shaped and colored jug. I instantly thought this must be some crappy, gross off brand milk, but it was rather organic milk. Knowledge is key to this problem. People must not only be informed, but also shown the path of the desired future. I believe the film is right in stating that it takes individuals, and small changes. As these changes build I believe or food will not only have a brighter future, but also ourselves.

Fresh: New Thinking About What We're Eating

This documentary, Fresh, was loaded with information and disillusionment  It's hard to limit to just a few subjects to address. I enjoyed how all the farmers were comparing "then" farming/production to "now." How we used to farm fifty years ago is nothing in how we farm today. The focus on the product and consumer has spiraled into this never-ending obsession with mass production and growth. We are no longer using what Mother Nature supplied for us. Actually, we are using her supplies, but in the process, we are abusing the animals, the greens, the workers and the consumers. Michael Pollner, an icon in the farming industry, addressed the idea how what we consume has little-to-none nutritional value. "Nutrients in our products has diminished 40% in the past fifty years." Those are changes we are making and supporting as a society that are only negatively impacting our nation.

The expectation to produce as much and as fast as humanly possible is enabling this industrial agricultural obsession. I think it's very important to be exposed to these statistics and documentarie for the benefit of our bodies. My Nonna is 81 years old, born and raised in Italy, and she grows everything she consumes, even till this day. She is as strong as an ox and incredibly healthy. You can simply see it in her skin. This makes me re-evaluate my eating habits on an entirely different level. For the most part, i'm a healthy, conscious eater. Although,as a consumer, it's easy to get wrapped up in this system. The documentary successfully changed my views on local and organic growth. Mentioned in the documentary by many of the organic farmers, "one person at a time, that's a change. We can change for the better, it just takes time." Our generation may not witness this, but it's important to aid the revolution. We can provide our country with efficiency and health, in a way that benefits all!

Exploration 9 in response to Fresh

}  Using your notes from the film, please write a response to the film. 
                     Use these questions or your own ideas to get started:
      What are the most important themes in the film? 
      Where is the evidence most convincing? 
      What questions or doubts do you have?
      How can we apply these ideas to our lives or culture?
      Requirements: Make use of your notes.  Use one good direct quote from the film.  Do not use any quote that has already been used by another student.  Read each other’s posts and respond accordingly.  Also, write comments to two other student posts in the class.  Share your ideas!