Thursday, February 14, 2013

Links to Medal of Honor story and veterans themes

 It is very hard to read about characters like Norman Bowker and not wonder about the issues war veterans face today, with so many struggling in the return to civilian life.  We have to question: What as a culture do we owe these people?  How can we understand their stories and challenges?  How can we learn from them and support them?  Is the system set up for their success or failure?  What can we do to support or criticize that system?  How can we relate or connect on a person level?

None of these questions will be answered deeply without inquiry and listening.  That's the start.

Here are some links.  Let's connect our readings to this world!

Here's the link to some stories and videos about Clint Romesha, who just was awarded our nation's Medal of Honor.  (Yes, the same award that the popular point-and-shoot video game is named after.) 

Please read and listen to these links.

Clint Romesha

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