Thursday, February 28, 2013

Secondary Research

My paper for The Things They Carried focuses on death and the many different ways the soldiers experienced death. Death is something that is very personal and significant. It changes who you are and the people around you. Not only did these Vietnam soldiers experience death from those who are near and dear to them, but they contributed to death in the war. This is a very conflicting idea to fathom, and it's something that has proven to haunt thee soldier for their entire lifetime.

This is an article from NPR, discussing the process of death and how soldiers typically cope with this. The article has a header that states "No Time To Mourn." I never really thought about how the soldiers are trained to treat death as a procedure. Typically, we take months to get over a death, depending on the individual. Death is something that is more complicated and foreign than it seems. These soldiers have to continue fighting with the loss and confusion lingering in the back of their minds.

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