Sunday, April 21, 2013

mahmood exploration 11

Revised Exploration eleven

War is not an option for any one and no one has the right of killing another. Leaders always make a good excuse to convince their nations and people for their own political interests. On the Afghanistan war, my position is clear just like any other wars I am always against war. One reason that I do not support war is that war doesn’t solve problems it creates the problem. I believe in a democracy where every government should rule their nation in a way that all can participate and each and every one is granted their rights.

The more we learn to solve our problems by peace is the more this world would become a better place where all can share the fruits of brotherhood and if we try the opposite it would be the more we lose our commonsense. I think if get rid off one enemy you just created more enemies and this doesn’t have an end. Another reason is that wars are not won by body counts. In my own experience I have seen a lot from the Somali civil war which lasted over two decades and I have lost a lot of family and friends during that time. I speak against war because I have seen it and I know what war does to people

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