Sunday, April 21, 2013

revised exploration 1


           In memory of my Grandma Carolyn

Grandma, although I can’t see you,

I know that you’re still here;

Watching down and smiling over me;

Just like you said you’d do.


You were a truly special woman;

A woman of extreme strength, and love;

Remembered for your laughter;

Your cooking and your special hugs.


Your suffering became so unbearable to see;

Even though you were as stubborn as a mule;

Your disease took everything that you had;
and watching you in pain, was so incredibly cruel.


You left this world with dignity and grace;
forever in my heart;

With heaven, your final resting place;

And lasting memories as you depart.


I miss you grandma, your suffering is done;
Gone but not forgotten;

Until I see you again grandma, go play, go walk;

And most importantly have fun!





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