Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Exploration 11: Drones

Drones can be as large as this image, or as small as a hummingbird
Lately, it seems as if drones have become the "hot button" of conversation within both society and the government. The constant banter between our government officials and our civilians are beginning to raise more awareness to this issue. What exactly are drones, what is their purpose and is this ethical?
There are many different types of drones, but there are two categories that drones commonly fall under. Like fruit or vegetables, drones are "pilot-controlled

 or "pre-program-missioned." Drone usage has increased rapidly in these past years do to our re-involvement and interest in the wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. Our weapon of choice has been decided, but there seems to be a problem. Some of our targeted prospects are our own people....

There are two sides to this issue, and Stephen Ingley, executive director of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association,  believes drones have a purpose that is worth fighting for. Ingley says drones "clearly have so much potential for saving lives, and it's a darn shame we're having to go through this right now," he said.

In contrast, the idea of a drone lurking over America's head in everyday life isn't something that sounds appealing, no matter how safe this makes us. And with the government's military budgets getting slimmer and slimmer, civilians are the ones who need to support the issue. If we don't snatch this technology and call it ours, there's possibility of it moving elsewhere-- scary thought.
This graph on the left spells out to you who exactly is beng affected by the drones (the link is below the graph). How do we determine how far we go to hit a "high-value target?"

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