Monday, April 1, 2013

Exploration 11

Jenna Steward

English 1110.03

Mike Lohre

War is Evil 
                 "If we do not end war, war will end us." - H.G Wells. War is something truly terrible and its terrible to know that we have to kill people to get what's in our opinion morally wrong and of course we are going to think that our morals are the right way of living but if we morally think that it is wrong to kill innocent people but yet we do it in war, wouldn't that make us hypocrites. War is evil, it brings out the worse in people, makes them go mad, and sometimes doesn't even solve the problem war must end before it ends us.
             Money makes people do things they would never in a million years do for free. Money is evil and we can not afford to go to war. We are wasting all of our money when we are already in debt by trillions on something we are not 100% sure its going to change anything. Us Americans are always finding excuses to go to war my question is where is everyone else, we have saved the Jews from the Nazi's we saved the French in WW2 we are saving all these people and getting no help in return in the Afghanistan war. As much as it sucks and everyone just wants peace unfortunately we cant save everyone we are only killing our self fighting for something that will never change.
          As much as I disagree with the war I still find myself questioning what is worse fighting and loosing life's or fighting for something that is worth loosing your life. Luckily I was blessed to be placed in our free country but not everyone has the opportunity to have that chance and its truly heartbreaking to see the way those women and young girls are being treated and if I could help them in any way I would which is why I see where the soldiers come from where they are trying to fight for freedom. Girls should have just as much equality than boys and no one should ever be treated like that. This world is a beautiful place but is filled with the most terrible people.
          The only time we as non veterans see the horror in war with our own eyes is the trauma and lives lost after war. War causes so much damage not only in combat but when they come home and are still terrified to live. The suicide rate for veterans who have completed the VA program is estimated at about 2.5 per hundred. Not only that but thousands of veterans suffer through PTSD because of war no man should have to go through that. Also the drug and alcohol abuse is right up there as well. People forget that their Is a life after war some might have to deal with guilt, but if they were so guilty why would you fight for something that you don't believe in. My problem with war is not that we are trying to stand up for what is right and how we just want to save everyone and give everyone equal opportunity to its that we are just causing more damage and killing more lives that shouldn't be lost over something that might not change. Even if we did win the war how can we trust them not to treat them like that anymore, they are already terrible enough to treat them like that in the first place what is winning a war have to do with changing someone when unfortunately not every changes.

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