Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coach O poem revisied

Mitchell Marotti

English1110.03 Tuesdays and Thursdays

Mr. Lohre

15 January  2013


Coach O


Coach O is one of the best

The Wolves’ football team put him to the test

The overtime win at Oak Hall

Is one that I will never forget


A man so dedicated and competitive on the field

Sometimes it is hard for him to yield

He coaches because he loves the game

Without him it would not have been the same


Always pushing us to do our best

The Wolves just had to do the rest

Training and practicing everyday

Coach O always had to have his way


And had us play every play

Like it was your last if you can

Because nobody walks except

Coach O and the postman


Although playing for coach O had to end

I would do it all over again

The best part was when we won

Because this made it very fun

One thing I remember about coach o

He carried about the kids

And the people in the school

And he especially cared for his players

And now he took a new job at a new school





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