Thursday, April 4, 2013

Essay Three Topics brainstorms

In the comments section under this post, please post your four ideas for Essay Three.  Two of your ideas should be for the photo essay, Prompt 1, and two ideas should be for the more traditional essay connected to our textbook, Prompt 2.


Mike Lohre


  1. Photo essay ideas:

    Essay Connection Ideas:
    Declaration of Independence
    Hooked by the First Cigerette

  2. For prompt 1, I was thinking of doing either Golden Corral or St. John Lutheran Church. For prompt 2, I was thinking of doing either p614 or p440.

  3. Prompt One:
    1) What goes into a locally owned and operated radio station? Columbus's very own CD102.5 Alternative Rock Radio is independent and has reached great heights, all run by a few people.
    2) Peeling back the layers of Columbus's record shops. Where are they, how many and who owns them? Getting to know our local record shops.

    Prompt Two;
    1) Is there a need for meat? Is becoming a vegetarian something that is healthier for our bodies in the long run? Should we all consider this?
    2) Littering is 100% preventable and 100% detrimental. Are we damaging our environment because we're too lazy? What does this say about our society?

  4. Essay Connection topics:
    Why Men don't last: Self destruction as a way of life
    Hooked by the first Cigarette

    Photo essay:
    Camp Lazarus
    Wedgewood golf course

  5. Photo essay:
    local dinner Hamburger Inn
    local grocery store Buehlers
    Essay Connection:
    Problem/Solution essay on Facebook bullying
    Problem/Solution essay to the United States regulation of food

  6. Photo essays: Historic District of Dublin Ohio where I live. The Ohio State equipment room.

    Essay Connection ideas
    The Memorial Tournament
    how to become a good leader

  7. Prompt One-
    1)What roles does a dog park serve in a community, is it simply a place for our dogs to get exercise, or is there a bigger link to the human animal bond.
    2)What role does the skate park serve in the community, It is a place for people to practice there hobby, but does this area contain its own sub culture?

    Prompt two- Hooked from the first cigarette, what would it take to get kids to stop smoking?

    -Reading comics, how are a collection of pictures able to display a story with a larger meaning.

  8. Photo essay ideas:
    Sawmill car meets

    Essay Connection ideas:
    Hooked from the first cigarette
    Letter from Birmingham jail

  9. Prompt One:
    The Ohio State University
    23 Diner

    Prompt Two:
    How does Social Media affect our learning/ speaking skills?
    What is the true meaning of inner peace, and how can it be achieved?

  10. photo essay ideas:
    Bangkok restaurant
    Sunflower restaurant

    essay connection ideas:
    How can peace in Tibet be achieved without usage of international help?
    How can we utilize what the Dali lama teaches to help American society.

  11. essay connection topics:
    .under the influence: paying the Price of my fathers's Booze"
    .The meal
    photo essays:
    indoor soccer fields

  12. Photo Essay:
    -Alum Creek Lake
    -North Orange Park

    Essay Connection Essay:
    -How the food industry is affecting our environment?
    -What can we do to make our world more sustainable?

  13. photo essay:

    Public Libraries and OSU main.

    Essay Connection:

    Washing Hands and Under Water.

  14. Photo Essay:
    -Whole Foods
    -Morgan House

    Essay Connection:
    -To what extent is beauty and/or an attractive physique integral to your self definition? To whether or not you find others appealing?
    -How close do you expect to remain close to parents/grandparents?
    -What material needs do you need to function happily and well now and in the future?

  15. photo Essay:
    the middle east

    is it possible that 'plastine and isreal to live together wih peace.

    How can immigrants change american economy