Monday, April 1, 2013

Exploration 10

Links of articles I read:
Technology: Intertrust sues apple
Science: Mars rover is repaired says NASA
World: North Korea threatens U.S military bases in pacific

North Korea threatens U.S military 
                      On Thursday North Korea threatened to attack the U.S military in Japan and on the Pacific islands of Guam..North Korea had gotten angry when the U.S military did a training mission and this is not the first time North Korea has threatened the U.S military. With the frustration arising with the North the Untied Nations the human rights council is making a plan to look into human right violations but are fearful to do so because they don't want to cause conflict and a possible war and because of the nuclear arsenal the North is known for and even if the united nations could do anything they would still have little to work with because they don't have much evidence. On March 11, the North’s official party paper, The Rodong Sinmun, said the council’s expected move to fix the resolution, with the United Nations sanctions, would “raise tensions and ignite a war to invade the North.” It vowed to deliver “a merciless mace-blow” on “traitors” in South Korea. Then on Thursday North Korea refused the resolution as “an instrument that serves the political purposes of the hostile forces in their attempt to discredit the image” of his country. Its just more excuses I don't think we should start another war just like the Afghanistan war we are trying to save all these people but we cant save the world

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