Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Revised Exploration 12

Cassandra Zahran
Explortation 12
Our Moral Footprint

Our moral responsibility while living on this earth is to take proper precautions’ before it is too late. “The effects of a possible climate change are hard to estimate (Havel).” I agree with Havel. Slight changes are inevitable, with the masses of people living on this planet. There are only so many restrictions that can be placed without violating civil freedom and rights.  As intelligent as our scientists and geologists are, and as technology continues to advance, science is on our side. By keeping up with the status of our climate change, we can help balance the negative effects we have on the environment.

Something that I am going to in-state in my life, starting next month is biking. Not only am I going to be participating in something that is healthy and cost-efficient, I’m going to be joining a community that is passionate about staying green and working to eliminate unnecessary CO2 emissions. Bringing this idea to younger students as well as older adults, this could be a huge change in ones life. Think about how much gas you spend every few weeks. That would magically start to add up and appear in your bank account Multiple that by 2 years….  You’ve saved at least two thousand dollars.

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