Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fresh: New Thinking About What We're Eating

This documentary, Fresh, was loaded with information and disillusionment  It's hard to limit to just a few subjects to address. I enjoyed how all the farmers were comparing "then" farming/production to "now." How we used to farm fifty years ago is nothing in how we farm today. The focus on the product and consumer has spiraled into this never-ending obsession with mass production and growth. We are no longer using what Mother Nature supplied for us. Actually, we are using her supplies, but in the process, we are abusing the animals, the greens, the workers and the consumers. Michael Pollner, an icon in the farming industry, addressed the idea how what we consume has little-to-none nutritional value. "Nutrients in our products has diminished 40% in the past fifty years." Those are changes we are making and supporting as a society that are only negatively impacting our nation.

The expectation to produce as much and as fast as humanly possible is enabling this industrial agricultural obsession. I think it's very important to be exposed to these statistics and documentarie for the benefit of our bodies. My Nonna is 81 years old, born and raised in Italy, and she grows everything she consumes, even till this day. She is as strong as an ox and incredibly healthy. You can simply see it in her skin. This makes me re-evaluate my eating habits on an entirely different level. For the most part, i'm a healthy, conscious eater. Although,as a consumer, it's easy to get wrapped up in this system. The documentary successfully changed my views on local and organic growth. Mentioned in the documentary by many of the organic farmers, "one person at a time, that's a change. We can change for the better, it just takes time." Our generation may not witness this, but it's important to aid the revolution. We can provide our country with efficiency and health, in a way that benefits all!


  1. I totally agree with the one person at a time process. What your Nonna does is amazing, but must be hard work. While some people do this for themselves, I have also heard of some people at my work who do it for their pets, I found that awesome but mind blowing.

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