Thursday, March 21, 2013

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North Korea Threatens U.S. Military Bases in the PacificThe

nuclear program of North Korea is a ibg concern to the world . North Korea say its only for peace parposes j ust like western countries. Under the UN its illegal for a country to get a nuclear after after this law was signed in 1963 by the US, UK, and the Soviet Union known as  Partial Test Ban Treaty (PTBT). The fear is that this is a dangerous weapon and if it gets in the wrong hands it would lead to an end to the world but in commonsense no one would agree to fight with rocks while his enemy is shooting at him.

North Korea tested their nuclear on Feb.  12-2013 which made the US allied with South Korea angry, and the Unites Nations condemned it.  In consequence  US military are prepared and north Korea thteatens to attack the US air bases in Japan.  “The U.S. should not forget that the Anderson Air Force Base on Guam, where B-52s take off, and naval bases in Japan proper and Okinawa, where nuclear-powered submarines are launched, are within the striking range of the DPRK’s precision strike means,” a spokesman of the Supreme Command of the North Korean People’s Army told the state-run Korean Central News Agency on Thursday.  

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  1. This is a serious problem but i don't think they will actually attack.