Thursday, March 21, 2013


On Wednesday South Korea experience a cyber attack that affected three national banks and two major broadcasting stations.  The attack left many South Korean people unable to withdraw money from A.T.M.’s, viruses infected the banks computers and files where deleted. It also caused news broadcasting crews computer screens not to work all day.  The cyber attacks are believed to be from North Korea but the disruption was traced back to an address in China, so it is still unknown who was responsible. Investigators are saying it will take months to determine the true culprits of this attack. South Korea is very cautious to declare blame because North Korea is very unstable and have lately threatened nuclear attacks. 



  1. At times like these, you are reminded how the modern world is greatly dependent on technology. If anything goes wrong with that technology, such as a cyber attack, everything is brought to a stand-still.

  2. WOW.. this is unbelievable. I hope it wasn't South Korea because of the unstable relationship between the two countries.

  3. This is a big security issue but i believe that the real culprit is most likely north korea.