Saturday, March 9, 2013

Exploration 9 - Jake Gabbert

I've seen other movies sort of like FRESH that just bash on the food the industry, instead of giving solutions. In FRESH they give these solutions and other alternatives as to where we can get our food from, and better food at that. Michael stated that "we're voting with our dollar", in the sense that every time we buy something at the grocery store, we tend to buy the cheapest product that will fulfill our needs. If we could bring in more local brands and become a little more willing to pay that extra dollar then we can start a movement in which we can change the food industry. This all comes back to how vote with our dollar. I think the big chain stores should start introducing more local products, I understand in some places that isn't possible all year round. Those extra dollars that we spend would generate more activity in our local economy. Our food wouldn't have to travel as far for it get to our plates and therefore being healthier and better overall. With the food not having to travel as far it wouldn't burn as many fossil fuels to be shipped to you. As shown in the movie, by raising these animals the way they were intended to all along, there will not be as much animal sewage expunged into the environment. These things could help eliminate many of our environmental concerns, we just need to vote.


  1. I think local stores should start bringing in healthier foods as well. i like all your points you made

  2. I love the idea of bringing local products into more visited stores! I think if we all support our local communities and the people that are trying to make the change for the better, we'll see magnificent affects in no time.

  3. I agree that we need to bring more local farming groups into the grocery store and be willing to pay the extra dollar to eat much more healthily.