Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exploration 10

Articles’ Title: Sectarian Clashes Are Reported in Central Myanmar
What struck me the most is that people in Myanmar are fighting according to religion; Muslims vs. Buddhist. The most surpassingly is that religious people such monks and sheiks are dying at average rate of one per day and the children are the battle too. Myanmar is 90 percent Buddhist and the other 10 percent is Muslims, Christians and animist. This is what makes this crazy is people are burning each other. This struck me because with images it’s too difficult to look at it. In summary people are burning huts, villager’s homes, lashing each other and certainly burning someone else in different religion alive. Even the police can’t do anything about because the massacre is way too big for the police to handle it. “Even the police told me that they could not handle what they witnessed. Children were among the victims,” he said. As result the Muslims are over polluted and they are getting dominated.   


  1. I find this to be horrendous! What a tragedy! I think it is crazy that monks and sheiks are dying at a rate of one per day and the children.

  2. I think that this is ridiculous since violence is breaking a commandment of buddhism.