Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Response to FRESH

The movie Fresh really gave me a new perspective on the kind of food and the agricultural economy that sustains the American populace. The film showed the damage and the lives of animals and farmers and their local economies because of the increase demand for food and the increased industrialization of the whole farming economy. I firmly believe this film is trying to help people understand what is really going on with industrialized farming and how together we can help the local organic farmers to make some sort of stand against the industry. The evidence is most convincing when they explain the horrendous industry practice of animal cannibalism because its cheaper. I absolutely understand when the movie said "There's no such thing as cheap food". The processed food we get at wal-mart and such stores don't even got any of the original nutrients and although it can be consumed isn't passable as nutritious. I do question why the corporations don't back up the local farmers if they know what harmful effects they are doing. I believe today we can make a difference. The genetics of the world's crops have been changed by man so much all that needs to be done is for some new debilitating diease to wipe out the crops we have.


  1. In my experience, when you want to start a fire, all you need is a spark because that one spark can quickly turn into a flame. However, someone has to be that spark. I do agree that, if at least one person could promote these organic farming idea a little more, the world will beat a path to their doorway.

  2. I also found it horrendous that they would feed dead cows to cows. How can it be possible to consciously sell these products in stores is beyond me.