Monday, March 18, 2013

exploration nine

Exploration 9

The food system in America has totally changed. Farmers are producing only in a way that they can make a lot of money and it doesn’t bring much of attention to them what they are selling to the society. People who are unaware of hidden diseases are looking for the cheapest product without asking the question who makes this food or where it came from. Factories and farmers who use the system of growing chickens and food faster by chemicals do know that they are selling this to real humans but would be necessary for the government to step in since this is about the safety of its citizens? Feeding dead cows to cows is an example of how this system is more about making money and I think next will be feeding dead people to cows. The environment is also a big concern.  “we just got so obsessed with productivity and more cheap stuff and we are facing the negative consequences.” John

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