Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exploration 9

The most important themes in movie was that framers are giving chemicals that they dont know what is contains  to there animals. These chemicals contains harmful things that no one knows expect thoses guys who are doing the interview. For example when the two farmers at Iowa was asked what these chemicals contains they said we don't have any idea but we still use it to make our products reproduce faster. Also one thing that was a shocker was when the herd of pigs hit the its framer with its horn and almost caused that guy to die. Just looking at what pig did to the framer you can see these chemicals are doing any good besides give the framers alot of produce that are not useful. I think that was very convincing that use substains are not health nor useful. The Question that I have and I think that will not be answered. Why don't goverment officals forbid the use of these harmful products? I think this matter company regaltions but health department needs to forbid these substance.

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