Friday, March 8, 2013

Exploration 9 Fresh Mitchell Marotti

Fresh the movie tought me a lot about the foods we eat. We aonly look at the store and we want to buy the chapest food. We don't look at the big picture and that is the foods we eat is very bad for us.  "Cheap is an invasion.  You get what you pay for"(Micheal Pollen) This is a quote many americans should take into deeper context.  To see what foods we put into our body.  "Every thing I learned was from my parents"(Will Allen).  This is why we shouild listen and pay attention everyhting our parents our telling us.  The most important themes are to make our own choice about food or take ideas form the food oranizations.  I had one questions throught the movie what can't everyone be just like Will Allen and to do his same principles.  We can apply our ideas threw the movie by choosing what foods are good to eat and what are not.


  1. I really like the first direct quote you chose, it backs up your point well. I Also had the same question and i think the answer is that it seems to be too hard and too time consuming for people to be like Will Allen.

  2. I like the quote you used because I think it's a good one the described what we saw in the film. Also it's the truth.

  3. i agree that we should listen our parents all the time so we can learn more about everything in this world.