Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exploration 10- Emily Peirano

Cree LED bulb
incandescent bulb

I have chosen to talk about an article from the New York Times under the technology section. The atricle I have chosen was written by David Pogue, titled New Reasons to Change Light Bulbs. What struck me to be most important in this article was the cost effeciency and benificial buying LED light bulbs can be in the long run. My curiousity for this article came from questioning why my dad just one day decided to change every light in our house to LED bulbs. From this article I gained new knowledge around the new hot topic of LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are now reasonably priced and very obtaniable, making them a new hot item. The cost of the bulbs use to be very expensive the reason for this was because the electronics and heat-managment features that the LED bulb provides. According to Pogue, "Install one today, and you may not own your house, or even live, long enough to see it burn out." Pougue tested six manufacture's LED bulbs. Of the LED bulbs tested, he found that the Cree LED bulbs were his preferred choice. These LED bulbs start at ten dollars a piece or a six-pack for fifty-seven dollars. The light that these Cree LED bulbs produce are comparable to a forty watt-incandescent bulb. These bulbs have similar features to the incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are very efficient. A sixty watt day light bulb only uses nine watts of electricity. The heat sink on the Cree LED bulb is smaller than others and runs cooler. Many prefer the appearance of this brand.

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