Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exploration 10

Article Title: Meeting Abbas, Obama Says a 2-State Deal Is ‘Still Possible’.

“Obama: You promised hope and change, you gave us colonies and apartheid” said angry one Palestinians protester.  Obama met with the president of Palestine, president Abbas and Israelis authority, president and officials. Obama in his key arguments and concepts where that Israelis should not use violence to avoid peace and Israel should not retaliate from couple rockets fired upon Israel that caused no harm with rockets that is enhanced with 21st century modern war fare. He also insisted that both sides need to cooperate to reach peace, adding that both sides should halt the rockets condemned on towns where people live. Endowing speaking I think Obama is said that because he had enough with Israel and he can’t take these disturbing image of Israel which is killing children and senior citizens of Palestine and destroying towns with rockets that contains illegal chemicals according rules of war in the world.

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  1. This conflict in Israel has a real chance to become one of the most ugly wars in the history of the world, especially if they resort to using chemicals and weapons that have been declared illegal.