Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clint Difatta- Fresh

The film Fresh takes a look at our current farming system, and analyzes it for the common consumer. Many experts and statistics are present to display information, but I believe the most important information is that all systems run off cycles. One of these experts is farmer Joel Salatin from Virginia. Salatin is a farmer who has not converted to industrial farming, instead staying natural. As he explains the multiple advantages, he compares his own farm to his neighbors. Many aspects of farming can be re-used and help the growth of other parts of the farm. Salatin states “If we take care of the grass, the grass will take care of the animal”. I believe this idea is very condensed. I believe an overlying idea is that if we take care of nature, nature will take care of us. Nature has givin us this blueprint of a farming system that works, and hold longevity, why not use it. It is like any other cycle present in this world an example being the water cycle.

                A question that arouse for me was how will they gain popularity on a larger scale? I myself have questioned milk that wasn’t in a normal grocery store jug, but instead a different shaped and colored jug. I instantly thought this must be some crappy, gross off brand milk, but it was rather organic milk. Knowledge is key to this problem. People must not only be informed, but also shown the path of the desired future. I believe the film is right in stating that it takes individuals, and small changes. As these changes build I believe or food will not only have a brighter future, but also ourselves.


  1. Small changes can influence the world. Maybe not as simple as changing the shape of a milk jug, but changes can be made. If we all make changes, the world might just start to become a better place.

  2. I agree with you! That farmer from Virginia really stuck out to me to and i have a lot of respect for him because he respects the animals and nature!