Thursday, March 21, 2013

Derek Purdie-Exploaration 9-FRESH

While watching this film I gained a lot of information, not only about the subject of healthy eating and how easy it actually is, but how the food we eat every day is treated. I found it interesting that the film talked about how America's people just WANT WANT WANT without thinking about it. This is a huge issue that needs to be tackled before our troubles get out of control. People need to have much more knowledge about nutrition because once it's learned there's no forgetting it or going back to junk food, therefore leading to a much healthier nation.

Another important theme or issue that is talked about is the spraying of chemicals on today's foods. Few people know about what goes on behind the scenes and what is actually going into (or more acurately, being sprayed on) the foods they're eating. A lot of these chemicals are harmful but are hard to notice, we need to be more aware of these chemicals BEFORE we buy the foods.

When the video was explaining "mad cow disease", that's when it hit me that this country needs to change the way food is produced. To think that these cows are being permanently damaged because of steroids and antibiotics, gives me motivation to teach people about healthy farms and how there ARE actually farms that will keep the animals pure and natural, therefore keeping the diseases and illnesses away from their farms and ultimately in YOUR food.

One question I have about this film is about the smaller farms such as Good Natured Family Farms. Why do these companies refrain from investing in vast pieces of land and try to take over the food industry? Once people hear about these types of farms and start to realize the many health benefits, they will never stop going to these types of farms, and ultimately that's what we want America to do.

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