Friday, March 8, 2013

Exploration 9

FRESH outlines the vicious cycle of our current food production methods.  It gives you a whole new outlook on how important getting back to eating “real” fresh food is, not the chemically altered stuff that is sometimes disguised to look like food. Fresh shows how both animals and vegetables are being raised, and the implications for our health and that of the environment.  We can raise everything we need without any of the industrial food system.  We all need to be reminded the price of our food reflects the quality of it.

It shows intelligent educated farmers who have a legitimate plan for changing our food system. They provide good arguments for change and present facts to support what they are saying. Will Allen says, “It’s really all about how we are going to change the existing food system to make it something that really works for everybody.  It truly is a movement”.  They show how each of us can make small changes that can help bring about the changes that will lead to better farming, healthy eating and respect for animals.  I love how it gave us ideas that we can all put into place, like starting your own small backyard garden, or buying from local farmers.  There are still efficient ways to produce healthy fresh organic food in a time where most food is being mass produced by corporations in less than hygienic ways.

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  1. If we all do a little something then hopefully the food industry will change it's ways to give the people more of what the people want. I'm sure the farmers would be happy to produce these products for us too.