Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 My name is Abdifatah Osman but people call me "Abdi" instead because they cant prenounce my name or whatever the reason might be. I have eight siblings, four boys and four girls. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. I really enjoy playing soccer or watching it. My favorite soccer teams are Arsenal and Bayern munich. I also watch basketball and i am a Boston Celtics fun.

I have faced some challenges while i was writing my first poem. First i tried to make it rhyme but it was a lot of harder than the way i just did it. For me its hard to come up with great poem because its not something that i got use to it. Everything got change at the end and i came out with some ideas so i just  put it together. Finally it turned out way better than i was expecting it.

Abdifatah Osman
English 1110.03
Mike Lohre

Until We Meet Again

If I could see you again one moment
I would like to talk to you about them days we had together.
The great and wonderful times we had together
I will carry  and remember them for the rest of my life.
I remember it like it was yesterday, when I received a message from
A friend that says your friend just got shot and killed. I guess I never knew how
It felt to lose a friend like you until the day it happened.
I remember them days when we used to play basketball in the
Front yard all day. People always said all we do is just play basketball but nothing else.
They always talked about how we got the size and height to make to the NBA.
I guess I never became a man until I saw your face in the coffin.
It seemed like somebody just took all I had. You were everything to me and hopefully one day we will meet in heaven. I guess you were right when you used to say “be careful what you do because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow” and I cannot wait until we meet again.

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