Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My name is Said Diriye I'm from Columbus, Ohio. my fun fact was that i speak three languages. I'm not  fluent in Arabic but I am intermadiate but in English and Somali im very fluent. I like to play sports espically soccer. In my free time i like to play video games or go to the movies with my freinds. Since i have started school. I did not have much of free time because there are too many unfinished business like do go to school than do its homework.

The poem that I wrote was bit challageing because I did not knew what teacher expects from us but i made through and i hope it was a good one to share with the class. My hammer was too heavy for the nail. The poem I wrote was from the heart. Meaning it was not fabricated story. The was friend that we had everything common and i guess that is how someone become a friend to you. 

English 1110.03
Mike Lohre

                                Highly motivated friend

White, funny, always want to hang out.
Joy, laughter with my dear friend Adam.
I called him the twin brother of Messi.
Always happy and aiming higher possession in life.
He is very intelligent. The lexicon of the English

Adam is funnier than Dave Letterman.
He is the friend that every human being deserves.
He is the solution to every problem and he could be
The problem to every solution. His jokes is so humorous
That your mouth will rip into two half’s. Money is his target.
YOLO is his motto. Sky is his limit. Stars are his friends.
 He is one of a friend that I admire. His the friend that walked the graduation stage
With a green gown and with pride.