Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Expolration 3

The movie we watched at class was very insprig indeed to our generation of young adults in college our outside because this people who were called " the freedom riders" was our age. They showed the respect and dignity comes with freedom. In their peaceful demonstration they showed that if you dont have freedom it cost vaule that could be bought with currency. A good way to prove that braveness is when The white freedom rider called Jhon Zwerg was brutally beaten and said" we will continue the ride even if it means death is calling. The quote was shocking but it showed the have the guts and bravery that a brutal beaten will not make scared to not ride again. One thing that standed out the most in the movie was when the students sat in the white dining room and then they got in fight with whites. When they court the all got fined with 5o dollars for disturbing peace but one students choose to go to jail instead paying the money; and i thing that is where the title of movie come from" I Ain't Scared Your Jail".

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  1. Yes! This part struck me to. When he decided to have jail time , it shows how much this goal meant to these people, and what they were willing to do to reach it. This was a lot like the guy who got beat up, but both are inspiring.