Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ain't scared of your jails

I learned form this movent that many people got hurt for standing what they beleive in. The black people were taught not to fight back and just take the pushiment.  They were deined sevrice food in a dinner. They did not do what the white people could do.  In total there were 69 sit-ins across The United States of America. In April 19 they killed their black leader. After this the people deciced to renite.  When kennedy was running for president the balck people choose him as a leader because he cared for the black people.  The black people decied to do someting. They were called Freedom Riders these were people that rode busses all across the united states and this brought together the black people.  The freedom riders were guared by the united states military helping the people to be safe. My quote was from the governor of Tennessee he took the side of the black people when he said " I had critism for it and would answer the same question again.


  1. Mitch I think you picked a great quote. This quote in my opinion is extremely important for the civil rights movement because the mayor, a man in a leadership position in the south sided with the civil rights movement and this quote shows how strongly he feels about his decision that he would not change his answer.

  2. Mitch, I think you incorporated lots of detail from the movie. I feel that the Freedom Riders truly made a huge impact.

  3. I liked what you wrote about people standing up for what they believe in. Even today people are getting killed for standing up in what they think is right, and although it is unfortuante that people are getting killed, I think that it makes your message that much more powerful when your willing to die foe what you believe in.