Monday, January 21, 2013

Exploration 3

The Freedom riders movement most importantly shows us how to recognize injustice. We learn about our role as individuals, as well as the importance of organization, and it showed us that people, both black and white can unite in an equality struggle against their oppressors by making the right decisions.  For example, like acts of courage and conviction, and commitment by individuals or groups of people. The part that stood out to me was, even though the students didn’t appear to have power, they were able have a powerful effect. The fact that this movement pushed things against the advice of many of the civil rights leaders who thought they just didn't know what they were getting themselves into, but the riders had a deep conviction that they were making the right decision. A lot of times, I think we just wonder what we can do as individuals when there are powerful and personal forces that control our lives, and there's nothing we can really do. However, the Freedom Rides showed us that, that just isn’t always true if you are committed to a cause and you stand up for your rights and beliefs. 

I thought that a powerful moment was when James Zwerg, who was badly beaten said from his hospital bed:   "Segregation must be stopped. It must be broken down. Those of us on the Freedom Ride will continue. No matter what happens we are dedicated to this. We will take the beatings. We are willing to accept death. We are going to keep coming until we can ride anywhere in the South."  This was a moment that showed just how much conviction the Freedom Riders had for their cause.


  1. James Zwerg is a hero. i was really moved by his words

  2. I couldn't agree more. James was showing his bravado and wouldn't let them silence him. As the phrase goes, "talking brave and being brave are two very different things." I'm not sure if most people are as committed as he was to any anything, but I wish they were.