Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clint Difatta

The film Eyes on the Prize was extremely moving. Many of the ideas presented to us in this film have been pounded into our heads since a young age. I believe that these ideas took life when they are displayed through film. Many of the people and events gained a face and a voice in my mind. Many things can be learned from this movement. I think communication is a huge lesson to be learned, it seemed all though there were many people willing to discuss the situation and work toward a eventual goal, many people that had little to no stake in the matter stood in their way. I was most surprised by the comments of mayor Ben West when he stated, "They asked me some pretty soul searching questions, and one that was addressed to me as a man, and I tried as best I could to answer it, frankly and honestly, that I could not agree it was morally right for someone to sell them merchandise and refuse them service". This quote stuck out to me because this was the first time I witnessed an opposing party take a step. He was asked "as a man" how he felt. To me this means more since he repeated this himself. 

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  1. Clint, I love the quote you used. You know, he said some questions a man has to answer and not a politician. That has been lost in today's world somewhat, but we need to aspire to humility and honesty and civil respect so we can solve big problems together. The film really inspire me too to work for just that!