Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cassandra Zahran Intro

Cassandra Zahran
English 1110


My name is Cassandra Zahran; My fun fact was I have an identical twin sister, Marina. I also have two older sisters as well, Valentina and Alessandra (Val and Al). Another important part of the family is my cat. I never really liked cats until we adopted, the now love of my life, Bernadette, from a shelter. She looks like one of those fluffy cats you see on the "Fancy Feasts" commercials, it's quite comical. I enjoy eating, I'll try anything, I love to read and watch movies, and I'm a huge music buff.

I wrote my poem about Marina, my twin. I'm not poem-savvy, so writing this felt a little odd. Because every important memory and moment I've had in my life includes my twin, i could of honestly written about anything; so I started with a few lines and essentially ran with whatever was on my mind. Being a twin and trying to describe this, It's one of those things when you say, "oh, you had to be there." Well you can't fathom what it's like having a twin unless you have one. That may not be the case for other twins, but it's our case. We're incredibly close and wouldn't have it any other way.

You Can Call Me "Twin Zahran"

An interesting and incomparable feeling it is
to be best friends with yourself
all thoughts, feelings and concerns swim in both our heads.
a perfect little current that makes its way into my ear and out hers

You could say it's a sixth sense we have,
the ability to know exactly what each other is thinking
you could say it baffles people and irritates others
you could say it's intrusive and there is a lack of privavcy
but, what makes our thoughts worthy is the fact
that we can skip over the minute details and dive deep into an endless conversation about who-knows-what

Differences there are, discretely seen by the eye
the freckle that sits on her right jaw somehow didn't make it on my jaw
both share the same interests, sometimes stemming into different directions
hers deeply engulfed in astrology
how the stars align with a persons character and nature
her interests, like seasons, change frequently
rather unpredictable, yet valued and appreciated, whatever they may be

We manage to get closer daily
whether we're having our fifth phone conversation of the day
or swaying to Edward Sharpe at a show, the same bright-eyed look on our faces
effective and free-spirited Marina is,
little does she know


  1. Great poem Cassandra. I really connect to the first half of your poem because i also have a twin brother. We don't look anything alike but were still twins and pretty close . I really agree with you that a person has to have a twin to understand what its like its hard to explain.

  2. I really liked the poem Cassandra. I can tell there is a connection between you and your twin that many other may never understand. Your cat sounds awesome. I also have a cat named Elmo who Believe is about five or six now, but she is defiantly one of the bright spots of my day!