Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Intro Mitchell Marotti

Hi my name is Mitchell Marotti.  My fun fact is that my dad is the head strength coach for The Ohio State football team.  My job is that I also work for The Ohio State football team but as a equipment manager. My job entails setting up drills, get players equipment for practice that day and getting anything that the coach needs.  On game days at the Horseshoe  I hold a board for coach Vrable to write ajustments for the d-line.  I was born in Ohio and then moved to Indiana, then to Florida, and then to Columbus. My family is from Pittsburgh.  My mom and dad went to the same high school.I have a sister who is going to Notre Dame. 

My process for composing a poem was very important.  The challenges that I have found was remembering all the stuff about the person I was writing a poem about.  Also, what took the most time was composing my ideas on paper.  Some challenges that I faced where how hard it is to write a poem. My poem did turned out the way that I wanted.  This turned out the way that I wanted  because my thought and ideas were in there and ideas just coming to me.  

Mitchell Marotti

English1110.03 Tuesdays and Thursdays

Mr. Lohre

15 January  2013


Coach O

Coach O is one of the best
The Wolves’ football team put him to the test
The overtime win at Oak Hall
Is one that I will never forget
A man so dedicated and competitive on the field
Sometimes it is hard for him to yield
He coaches because he loves the game
Without him it would not have been the same
Always pushing us to do our best
The Wolves just had to do the rest
Training and practicing everyday
Coach O always had to have his way
And had us play every play
Like it was your last if you can
Because nobody walks except
Coach O and the postman
Although playing for coach O had to end
I would do it all over again
The best part was when we won
Because this made it very fun


  1. Hi I'm Jake Gabbert. It sounds like a really interesting family. Game days must be really fun for you. It is hard to write poems, especially since we are hardly ever asked to write them.

  2. Hi Mitchell I'm Derek Purdie. Your father's job sounds really interesting, it's something I'd love to do. I like your poem, it flows well and has good structure.