Tuesday, January 29, 2013

EXploration Four: Research paper By SAID DIRIYE

Members of the Black Panthers armed.

A Genral view of the Black Panthers is that they were a civil activist group that fought in civil right movents in the 60s. The founder of this Pary was named Bobby seale and the co-founder was David Hilliard. These outlaws that were fighting inorder to gain their freedom. They were under the infuleunce of a former slave Booker T. Washtington, who recently in his era had created such as gang to fight the whites  for black slaves. The Panthers were doing to the same where they have been  fighting such a people like the KKK or some other mombsters around the nation. What where doing might be illigal but from the their prespective they were the right thing.
One thing that I found out in this research was the Black Panthers was not doing Non-violence like the freedom riders but these mobmester were armed the fighting back with violence. As a tradtion the black would cause trouble or distrubt the peace and the cops would tell them to line up and burtally beat them but for Panthers that was not the case. They possessed  guns and other weapons for battles just in case. Suprisengly Malcom X was one the members till he killed and the FbI lead by Edgar Hoover one time consider the Black Panthers National hight security threat.


  1. During my research, I also found that J. Edgar Hoover was not very fond of the civil rights movement.

  2. I thought there approach to the Civil Rights Movement was interesting nonetheless, but I could see how they were considered threat during a time where a lot of people just wanted peace.

  3. I didn't know that the Black Panthers found their inspiration from Booker T. Washington.

  4. I thought that the black panters were kind of similar in the fact about violence, but I now know they aren't.