Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Introduction by Lou Bournique

My name is Lou Bournique I still live at home but I'm moving to main campus next fall.  I work at Wedgewood country club as a server.  I have two older sisters, one has graduated from Ohio State the other will graduate in May with her phd in Audiology.  I love to travel outside of the country so far i have only been to Canada, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I have two dogs they are both pugs, their names are Ziggy and Sammy.  I graduated from Olentangy High School in 2012 and right now my major is public health.

When i started composing my poem at first I didn't know who i wanted to do it for.  I decided that i would do it for my Grandfather who passed away in 2011 but while he was alive we were very close.  I haven't wrote that much poetry so I was unsure how my poem would turn out.  I found that it was pretty easy to incorporate some of the elements that we were supposed to include.  It took me about an hour to write. I think that it turned out pretty good but, I don't know how to tell a good poem from a bad poem.

In Memory of my Grandfather

By: Lou Bournique


You held me when I was afraid

you told me it would all be over soon.


You laughed with me when I was happy

your smile as bright as the sun.


You taught me to swim

in July years ago.


Your realism and sincerity showed me how to be a man.

If you here today I would thank you for that.


You taught me that

“Above anything is family, it is the most important thing”


When I saw you last

you were dressed in your dark, blue suit with a silver tie and shined black shoes  

with a grin on your face

as you welcomed our family to your birthday celebration. 

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  1. I thought it was a good poem. It's very clear that your grandpa was really important to you, and taught you many important values. I especially like the fact that in the last paragraph, I can sort of picture the scene in my head.