Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clint Difatta

My name is Clint Difatta and I am currently a freshman attending OSU Marion. My fun fact was that I work at a pet store. I enjoy watching sports, hanging out with friends, movies, and snowboarding. I am originally from Pittsburgh but have spent most of my life in Ohio. I went to high school at Olentangy Liberty, and next year plan to transfer to main campus. I have two older sisters, one who graduated from Miami University, and the other is currently a senior at OSU. I own a German Shepherd and a Bullmastiff, I spend a lot of time with them, and generally enjoy all animals.

My poem took me about an hour to write. I found myself deleting sentences a lot and writing new ones in. Overall I believe that substance was more important that detail. I used many things that only the audience, or my friend, would understand. I believe that it made the poem personal, but also lack connection to audiences other than my friend. I defiantly was hard to come up with things so personal, but I believe the other audiences will understand the strength of the friendship between my friend and I.

Clint Difatta
English 1110

How the years fly, yet your still by my side
Through sticks and stones cars will never hurt us
The game then was soccer, but now it is life
We have both lost good friends
Your birth name is foreign
You are always there hill after hill
Though they seem like mountains

We Have both lost family
Mistakes as our teacher
We will use bleach to the end
Let’s continue to grow old
In this world so new
We have both lost touch
With time and fate to bring us back


  1. Clint, your poem is very good. It actually sounds and flows like a poem unlike mine. I really like how you made the poem personal to you and your friend; I feel it gives more meaning.

  2. I like how quickly the poem moves. It seems like there are a lot of memories you two had and you truly miss this person. The title is also very neat because i think you chose it for a reason. Great job!