Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm Jake Gabbert. I'm from Lewis Center,Ohio. I have played soccer my entire life and I played hockey for 8 years. I have a younger brother Luke, who is 16. I went to Olentangy Orange High School. I like to ski and snowboard. My family takes a yearly ski trip out West, mostly to places in Colorado.

For composing this poem, I first went about figuring out who I wanted to write about and what types of things they are interested in. One challenge was finding a good way for the poem to flow. At the end I think the poem turned out pretty good, mostly because it was someone I knew a lot about. Overall, it was a fairly easy assignment.


Ever since he was two
Soccer ball at his feet in the shortly cut green grass
Soft kangaroo leather cleats as smooth as silk.

Attacking the goal
Shooting, dribbling, juggling, new tricks.
Desiring to baffle and beat the competition.

See the ball.
Be the ball.

Sunday mass
Sometimes celebrated on the playing field or
Leading to a championship.

Weekdays and week nights
Fueled by
Power and dreams.

Trophies and medals in his room
Reminders of where he has been
Motivating him about where he wants to go.


  1. Hi Jake this is mitch marotti. I like to snowboard also. That is really cool how you played hockey for a long time so did I. I agree with you that is was hard for us to flow the poem unto our own words. I like you poem a lot.

  2. Hi Jake it's Derek Purdie. I also like soccer and snowboarding so i was interested to read this. I like the way your poem is set up and it was an interesting subject for me.