Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Intro- Emily Peirano

Hi, I'm Emily Peirano. I am from Delaware, Ohio. I have previously attended Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. I transferred to Ohio State because they did not have my major. I am studying Social Work. I love to volunteer. I volunteered at Children's Hospital for 2 1/2 years. I worked at a close to home emergency room, speech pathology small groups, and in the Physical therapy department at Children's. My fun fact was that my first job was working at a hot dog joint. The hot dog joint was called Two Mad Dogs which was located in Powell, Ohio. Two Mad Dogs had a food challenge. Working at a restaurant was great exposure to all walks of life and learning experiences. 

When composing my poem I first thought of who I was going to write about. I chose one of my best friends Sophia. Next, I started brainstorming and wrote out all my ideas. Once I was done thinking of ideas and topics I then picked which ideas I was going to use in my poem. Then I began to write my poem. I was most surprised by once I completed writing the first two lines, all the other lines seemed to come. The challenge for me was just trying to start out the beginning and what I was going to title my poem. I think my poem turned out better then what I was originally planing.

The Wise Friend

Wisdom is a treasure, 
You better believe it.
Only those named Sophia,
Are lucky to see it.
With her wise calming words,
She will whisk you away.

Her crystal blue eyes light up about the day,
She will help others see life in a whole new way.
Her blonde hair was just like Rapunzel’s,
It flowed in the wind but always tied up like a pretzel.
 A giving heart so big,
Even a kingdom wouldn’t fill it.
She sings a sweet melody in Carnegie Hall,
Along with the birds who sing along.
Put yourself first I would tell her,
You’re personality is stellar.


  1. First off that is awesome of you to do all that volunteer work! I was also thinking about Social work for my degree as well!
    And your poem was good! I loved all the metaphors and similes you used! Good Job!

  2. Emily, I loved your poem. Good friends are hard to come by, so it's always nice to have one you feel that way about! I also would have loved to see you in the hot dog suit!