Sunday, January 20, 2013

exploration 3

Williamson-Tri Minh Phan

English 1110.03 Mike Lohre

                                                                    Exploration 3
The Film Eyes on The Prize showed the perspective of the civil rights activist during the sit ins in Nashville Tennessee during the 1960. I viewed the film with respect towards the student activist who risked their safety for peaceful protest. the activist today can learn from these students who protested without using violence themselves. The protests held in the last couple years across the world end in violence. Peaceful protests can be effective as shown in the documentary. In the film the man with the eyepatch says that "We did what the supreme court and constitution said we had the right to do". although the local governing entities retaliated by their peaceful protests the federal powers confirmed they had the right to gather and protest peacefully. what really stands out to me in this film is the sheer willpower the students had not to defend themselves when police and white civilians begin to beat on them.


  1. I completely agree with you about the willpower the students had. I think it is remarkable that they had so much determination.

  2. The incredible ability of the activists to remain nonviolent throughout the entire movement was amazing. Even with the angry white people, and the unfair police, they wouldn't fight back. It was a part of the story that stood out to me as well.

  3. By hardly saying or doing anything remotely violent, these peaceful protesters accomplished more than imagined. It's such a beautiful way to prove a point, and the freedom writers and those participating in the sit-ins really knew what was needed to communicate.