Tuesday, January 22, 2013

exploration 3

It was sad to watch such a movie but i think its good to watch movies like this, because it gave us an image from back in days and how mean people were to others. it was a lot of sad parts in the movie but i believe the worst part  was when four black students sat down with the white students and got beat up for nothing and also when Martin Luther king went to jail. What can be learn from the movement is everyone has to believe that they can make a change by working together as a group and believing one another. one of my favorite quotes in the movie was when the mayor said "he does not believe that black people should be discriminated". i believe that was the turning point for the black people and the movement.


  1. ma laga yaba in dib ay u dhacdo arintan okale. its really amazing man.

  2. Good job Abdi, and I agree that we have to BELIEVE we can make a difference. If we don't we have defeated ourselves even before we start. Hope is a powerful thing, and so is working together. The film really is inspiring as it shows the power of optimism and teamwork.