Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Civil Rights Anthony

Back in the 1940, people were basically jerks, at least to blacks. The white people of America were given the best the society had to offer while the blacks were forced to live like they were second rate. So, in an attempt to fight back against this injustice, college students, along with clergy, teachers, artists, journalists, housewives, civil rights activists, and many others, came together to nonviolently protest. They called themselves the Freedom Riders.
Now, contrary to popular belief, the Freedom Riders were a type of group the was not just blacks. They had white members as well, young and old. Driving in a bus, the roamed the US, going into public diner and the like and just sitting quietly down at the tables, even though they were in a white only area. If someone tried to arrest them, they would have many more members to take their place at the tables, so it would be like trying to hold back a river. Sadly, some didn't like the Freedom Riders, to the point where they were willing to kill them. For instance, in Anniston, Alabama, the Freedom Riders' bus was firebombed and the passengers were beatened. However, even when they were in jail, even when their very lives were at stake, the Freedom Riders would not stop doing what they were doing. There persistence eventually caused to President Kennedy to ban segregation in interstate travel and made them a model for all free rights groups to follow by.


  1. I like how you made it clear that the Freedom Riders were not only blacks. I also liked how you put the comment about how it was a river and how they were not going to give up by continuing to have more students fill in the seats.

  2. I think it's great you mentioned the fact that the Freedom Riders were not phased by the bombing of their bus. Not only the fire-bombing but the beating as well made it difficult for the riders, but didn't stop them.