Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Introduction by Amanda Gooden

Hello my name is Amanda Gooden. I graduated from Dublin Scioto. I have two sisters, one older who is a junior at Ohio state and one younger who is a Sophomore in high school. I used to live in Italy, I moved there in third grade and moved back to the United States in seventh. I moved around a lot being a military brat so I got to experience many things which I'm very thankful for.  I also love playing and watching sports.

Challenges I had while writing this poem were mostly who I was going to write it about. After a lot of thinking I finally decided to write about my grandma. I was able to come up with so many memories about her it was easy to put it together. The poem ended up turning out really good, or at least I think it did. It allowed me express feelings about my grandma that I would usually not talk about by writing it out.

                                                In memory of my Grandma Carolyn

Grandma, although I can't see you,
I know that you're still here.
Watching down and smiling over me;
Just like you said you'd do.

You were a truly special woman.
A woman of extreme strength, and love,
Remembered for you laughter,
cooking and your special hugs.

Although you could be as stubborn as a mule;
Your suffering became so unbearable to see,
Your disease took everything that you had;
To watch you in pain was so incredibly cruel.

You left this world with dignity and grace;
forever in my heart, lasting memories.
I miss you grandma, your suffering is done.
Until I see you again, go play, go walk, 
and most importantly, have fun!


  1. Amanda, Your poem is so sweet. It reminded me of my grandma. It was well written and expressed your emotion.

  2. Your poem was very touching and beautiful it actually got me teary eyed. Grandmas are the best and im sorry you had to go through loosing yours.My favorite was the last paragraph! I liked how positive you sounded