Tuesday, January 22, 2013

          Hypocrisy or Democracy Exp:3

the movie we saw in class about freedom is an evidence that if few of our society can stand up for the common good and change the mentality of a whole nation to a democracy instead of hypocrisy, it can be only done by people just like me and u but, with a good intention. Someone who realizes that all men were created equal in every way. Someone who dreams big and at the end of the day his dream will be an anthem for the whole creation.
The Freedom Riders performed an important role and showed bravery. They were hunted but they had a mission that refused to spend a single moment with cowards and moving forward was the solution. A quote from the movie was that one of the Freedom Riders said," We are freedom Riders and we are willing to accept death."
At the end, let’s remember these were students who's intention was to see America as it is today. A country that all man, women, black, and white are equally and friendly. They did all this with the power of nonviolence strategy. they faced all that we have seen in the movie with love and they enemy become thier best friend at the end, cause you can't fight with some one who is nonviolent. i really learn alot from it and it will be a something that ill remember.


  1. Good work, Mahmood! It is hard to make a commitment like the Freedom Riders did, but I agree that it has so much power to do that. Good work on getting this posted.