Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anthony Fernandez

Allow me to introduce myself. Fernandez is the name, Anthony Fernandez. I'm what you might call complex. I am high intelligent about animals and movies, which is all due in part to the fact that I am an honest to goodness couch potato. I do minimal to no physical activity on a day to day basis. I live with my parents. My mom is stay at home. My dad is currently unemployed, but he is working to get a job. They help me deal with my special needs. This is partially due to the fact that I have a condition called Asperger syndrome. This means I'm kind of an antisocial, preferring to be alone than with other people. I can read social cues that other people recognize from their day to day life. So, for example, if someone says, "I'm stuffed as a tick", I'll say in response, "that would mean that you have eaten 60x your body weight, which would mean your a dead man." I take things too literally and that can make my intelligence more of a curse than a blessing.

When I was writing my poem, it was tricky for a couple of reasons. For one thing, sad to say, I don't really have many acquaintances let alone close friends. Fortunately, I did have an old friend of mine that I knew from back in grade school. Even so, I found that I couldn't recall a time when he gave me valuable advice or something like that, which made putting details into the poem difficult. In addition, while I didn't have to, I decided to write the poem so that it rhymed, make a difficult task even more difficult. In the end, though, I believe that the poem came out as good as I could make it. I was able to give it necessary information while at the same time giving it a rhyming twist.

This is my poem.

Zachary, A Dear Friend To Me
By Anthony Fernandez
Zechariah, Zaka Zulu, or just Zack Mirakimi
It does not matter what he is called to me.
From his brown hair to his big smile
To miss his telltale signs would be infantile.

Since the 6th grade, I have known him so
From the very start, we were friend, never foe.
He has seen my house and I his
In either place, with computers he is a wiz.

A super computer can find
If I simply look deep inside his mind.
With technology, he can find any solution
Whether it is for work or elocution.

In New Orleans together we went
With our church youth our purpose God sent.
From the time we ate to the time we slept
Throughout it all, together we were kept.

His family is sometimes nasty
Mostly because of his sister, Casey.
Though younger than him and half his size
A perfect day she can capsize.

Intelligent and funny would be the words
To describe this person with many cords.
He could give you an answer to any question
Then put a funny twist to make it perfection.

If I could talk with him today
Oh, the thing that I would say.
Zack, you are a precious thing of mine
While you are around, who cares about time?

As the saying goes, it is a trend
I now can say this is the end.


  1. Well I really like the fact that you gave the poem an AA BB ryme pattern, I don't think I could do that in poetry. I also like the stanza about how his family is nasty because of his little sister. You used the verb capsize which I think worked well.

  2. Good lord this is a great poem! After reading the paragraph about it, and then reading the poem itself I can really tell that this poem is connected to some sorrow and the emotions can be easily felt. Having a deep interest in music, I know that being able to write something that can sway the emotions of an audience is effective. Nice job!