Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Intro: friendship that never ends

Hi, my name is mahmood. my fun fact was " I like to ride on camels"i am from  Somalia, east Africa. i like to play soccer.  Writing a poem is not an easy task for me , a good one or the other, because English is my second language so this gave me tough time getting my vocabulary together. secondly i do not know the rules to fallow when writing a poem. Riming it, is the only clue i have but i was told it doesn't have to. in my language it has to ryme. for example if u start with "G" you have to use it at least ones  in each line. i can make a wright poem in my language, somali , and arabic but if i try it in Egnlish this is how it will look like.

Fond friend of mine
Fond Friend of mine,
Family of a sort we become,
Trust him and tasty is his company,
I tease him and he me too,
That friend of mine,
Handsome and honesty he is,
How much I miss him,
and So much he missed me too,
I have a friend that says,
Friendship was never meant to be days
Where one olds you like an egg on your birthdays ,
Then disappears like a fog on your tough times
· His name is Mohamed,
Number one friend of mine,
Nothing can break that bond
a soul I admire in every second of my life


  1. That is very nice and learn something new from your intro thanks!!

  2. mahamood thanks for sharing your information