Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SNCC: Cassandra Zahran

SNCC: Student Non-Violent Coordinating Commitee

SNCC began in the 1960's when a few student from Shaw University gathered to discuss the unfair treatment the African Americans received at this time. The organization slowly grew and later played a major role in the coordinating of the freeedom rides and the sit-ins, legendary peaceful protests.

Four African American students attending school in North Carolina walked into a "White's Only" cafe, sat down, peacefully ate lunch, and remained till the store closed that evening. These protests only started with a few student making blunt, peaceful statements that could've (and in some cases did) cost their life.

"You can never tell when a spark will light a fire."
Standing for their SNCC reeled-in thousands of younger protesters and involved 80 other southern cities. In the year of 1965, SNCC was the largest organization in the south.
These protests were student-led. Such a drastic movement in history could not have had a chance if it weren't for the devoted students who were desperate to make a change.

I found it interesting and pleasent that Elenore Roosevelt gave SNCC their first check, $100, to support their organization and existance. SNCC began to find connections in the southern states and cities, embraced by many locals from the community. Fannie Lou Hamer was an iconic speaker during the civil rights, and aided the SNCC and their organization. SNCC was renown for their ability to utilize their 'grassroots.' It was very importnant because while fighting against adversity, SNCC, well deservingly, needed all the support to change history.

In honor of MLK day, SNCC members discussed the Civil Rights during the 1960's, and shared their influential stories: http://www.aflcio.org/Blog/Other-News/SNCC-Members-Tell-Stories-of-Organizing-for-Civil-Rights-in-the-South


  1. I must say Casandra, since my subject was the Freedom Riders, it is interesting to see the people who helped inspire them. It showed how some fights are won by not fighting.

  2. I think it was great that you included the information about Elenor Roosevelt. I find that really surprising! I also really like the quote you included under the picture. It is very true, you never know when something is going to happen.


  3. It was nice to read this because my subject was Diane Nash who clearly had a big part in SNCC. I also like the comment about Elenor Roosevelt,I would have had no idea!

  4. Great job writing! Mine was on John Lewis who was chairman for the SNCC so it was really interesting to read about the SNCC!

  5. great info here and now i feel like i have learned more about SNCC.